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Saving The Unwanted & Preparing Them for Their Best life.

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Hi, I'm Sampson and I'm Butters!

Sampson and Butters Rescue and Rehab, named after my first 2 rescue dogs, is a non-profit dog and cat boarding facility. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that takes in animals who have been saved by a non-profit rescue group.  We do not pull from the shelters, accept owner surrenders, or strays. 




Our facility, located in Las Vegas, Nevada is designed to be as comfortable as possible while addressing problem behaviors and some medical issues. We address these important issues so we can get the animals into a foster home or get them adopted into their forever home as soon as possible. They are treated well, get regular enrichment and medical care to make their stay comfortable. They are trained as needed.

Donations are used to maintain a clean, comfortable, healthy living environment for the animals. This includes medical care as needed, food, toys, beds, cleaning supplies, and minimal payroll needs.  Most work is done on a volunteer basis.  Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.    

Our Success Stories

Sampson & Butters Rescue and Rehab is exactly what the Las Vegas Community needs, a state of the art boarding facility designed for rescue dogs. A facility that not only offers comfort and cleanliness, but a place built with love, compassion, and commitment to make a difference!

Melissa Novelli

Founder, Pawtastic Friends

Trainer for Sampson and Butters



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