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Dog Walker at the Park


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Hello!  Thank you for stopping by.   I am Laurie Straten, Executive Director and Founder of Sampson and Butters Rescue and Rehab, a non-profit boarding facility designed to address the challenges many rescues have with finding a decent, inexpensive boarding facility.

I dove into the NV Rescue Scene in 2017.  I have worked closely with a few organizations trying to find the right niche for me and to figure out what is truly needed in the rescue world.  I determined that a decent, inexpensive boarding facility was the answer and something I could do.  As many of you may or may not know, dogs tend to come into rescue with little to no training which leads to behavior issues.  Finding a foster for a pup with unwanted or challenging behaviors is difficult but most of the time it’s a fixable problem thru commitment, time, and the appropriate training.  The idea of Sampson and Butters Rescue and Rehab was born!  I created my own non-profit and worked on making the facility happen. 

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